Annual Maintenance Fees

What do my annual maintenance fees cover?
The CCIA maintenance fee is the amount each homeowner is required to pay on an annual basis. This fee covers security, backdoor trash services, ongoing maintenance, beautification, mosquito fogging, utilities for street lights and common ground sprinklers, special events, accounting fees, legal fees, and administrative expenses. A comparison of the surrounding neighborhood HOAs can be found here.

When are my annual maintenance fees due?
Each December, an invoice for the next year's maintenance fees is sent out to each property owner. That invoice offers the property owner the option to pay the entire amount by January 1st or to pay only half the amount of the invoice by January 1st and the remainder before July 1st. If only half the annual fees are paid by January 1st, then the remaining half is invoiced to the property owner in June and is due July 1st.

How do I pay my annual maintenance fees?
The fee can be paid by check, mailed to Champions Community Improvement Association, c/o Graham Management, 2825 Wilcrest Dr., Suite 600, Houston, Texas. 77042. There is also an online dues payment option on our website. If you have trouble logging into the online payment site, contact Andjela Tomic at [email protected] or call 713-334-8000.


How can I obtain neighborhood information?
There are many avenues to receive information:
  • Champions Community Newsletter - The newsletter is issued monthly with neighborhood contact information and events.
  • Block Contact Email Distribution System - The Block Contact Coordinator sends emails as needed. Examples of some include board meeting reminders, security alerts, and garage sale dates.
  • Website - Forms, newsletters, financials, and other important information are included on our website.
  • Board and Board Meetings - Contact information and meeting times are in the newsletter, and website.
  • Welcome Packets - Issued to new residents with pertinent neighborhood information enclosed. Block Contacts deliver to new neighbors on their street.

Deed Restrictions

How do I get a copy of the Deed Restrictions?
The Deed Restrictions are on the website under the Documents folder on the "Deed Restrictions" page. You can also obtain a copy from the Board Secretary, Deed Restrictions Director, ACC Director, or Architectural Control Committee members.  They are also included in the Welcome Packets.

Do I have to obtain approval prior to making any changes to the exterior of my house, fence, etc.?
Yes, you must obtain approval from the applicable Architectural Control Committee (ACC). A list of ACC Committee members may be found in the monthly newsletter.


Who do I contact to get our street signs cleaned up?
Call the Harris County Precinct 3 Maintenance Department at 713-274-3100. Go to www.pct3.com and  scroll down to the picture that says "service request" and click on it.  fill out the form and submit.  It only takes a minute and the turn around time is usually within a week!

Who do I contact if a neighborhood street light is out?
CenterPoint Energy. You will need to obtain the pole number located on the pole when reporting the outage.


How often is the newsletter published?
The Champions Community Bulletin is published monthly and mailed to each resident. If you are not receiving a newsletter, contact the Newsletter Editor.

What is the deadline for submitting articles, etc. for the monthly newsletter?
All print has to be submitted to the Newsletter Editor a month before the publication month. For example, if you want to submit something for the March newsletter, you need to submit it by February 1st. Contact the Newsletter Editor for more information.


How is security managed/provided in Champions?
Our Champions community has a CCIA Security Director and the neighborhood is supported by a Harris County Sheriff Contract for Deputy support. The Contract Program provides four Deputies designated for our neighborhood on a fee basis. The Harris County Contract Deputy Program complements existing District Patrol Units, allowing for a more proactive, rapid response to calls for service.

Who do I report suspicious activity to?
If an actual crime is in progress, call 911 immediately! For anything that looks suspicious, contact the Harris County Sheriff Non-Emergency Dispatch at (713)221-6000 and ask for a Champions Contract Deputy dispatch.

I have a security system in my home. How do I obtain a permit?
Alarm system permits are required and renewed annually through the Harris County Sheriff's Office. You can find more information, along with the permit application here. Senior Citizens permits are free but do require permit renewal.

Does our community have a Vacation Watch Program?
Yes. A Vacation Watch is provided by the Harris County Sheriff's Office for citizens residing in the unincorporated areas of Harris County. Citizens may request a Vacation Watch by calling the County at (281)376-2997 or completing the online form here.

Trash & Recycling Services

What days is the trash picked up?
Tuesdays and Fridays and we have backdoor service.

What day is recycling picked up?
Tuesday is curbside recycling day.  For a complete list of what is allowed please click here.