Block Contact Program

Welcome to Champions! We are fortunate that Champions has a contract deputy program with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as well as a Block Contact Program run by its residents.

Each home is assigned to a Block Contact who provides you with security alerts and community information via email (or text) in live time. You can contact her or him about any other security and community concerns you may have as well.

The more eyes in the community, the safer the community. “If you see something, say something” is the motto of our deputies. They would rather you call them via the dispatch at 713-221-6000 to check out active suspicious behavior than follow-up on a completed crime days after the fact. Of course, if a situation is life-threatening, call 911.

The Block Contact provides security tools such as a safety watch diagram whereby you can introduce yourself to your surrounding neighbors, become acquainted with them, and obtain their contact information in case suspicious activity occurs on their property enabling you to notify them or the sheriff’s dispatch to investigate with pinpoint accuracy. Hopefully, you may make some new friends in the process.

Your Block Contact may arrange for Neighbors Night Out socials where you can meet more of your neighbors in an informal setting outdoors.

Block Contacts also distribute new neighbor Welcome packets including helpful information for all new residents.

Involvement is entirely voluntary. We hope you take advantage of this alert system by providing your contact information to your Block Contact.

How do I find my Block Contact?  

All current Block Contacts and their email addresses are listed on this website on the Block Contact Listing page.  This is a private page requiring you to register before you are able to access. 

If you do not know your Block Contact you may register at the upper right corner to be granted access to the website’s secure areas. It may take a day or two to receive your “access granted” email. 

Once registered please reference the attached map below of Champions where you can locate your section number.  To zoom in on the map simply double click on any area. Here you will find your section number.  Your Block Contact and his or her email address is listed for you by section number. Then reference the Block Contact Listing By Section page to locate your Block Contact's name and email.

Questions about the program can be directed to the Co-coordinators:  Annette Matthews at 281-583-1244 and Engeline Tan at 832-524-4475.  

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