Deed Restrictions

Champions Deed Restrictions are designed to protect each resident's property and to preserve the aesthetics necessary to assure the fine residential character of our Community. They are legally binding and can be enforced by the homeowners' association (C.C.I.A.) and/or by any property owner in Champions. Each resident should be familiar with the Deed of Restrictions and abide by them. A summary of some of the more important segments is shown below. This summary is incomplete, and copies of the complete Deed Restrictions are available from the Architectural Control Committee members, our ACC Director, our Deed Restrictions Director, or at the bottom of this page.

  1. All lots shall be used for single-family residential dwellings.
  2. No trade or business activity shall be conducted from a house or lot. A home office is permitted as long as the activity does not detract from the residential character of the subdivision.
  3. If a house is rented, the owner remains responsible for a) complying with all deed restrictions, b) maintaining the property, and c) ensuring the renter complies with all deed restrictions.
  4. No commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer, or bus shall be parked or stored in the driveway or street.
  5. Approval from the Architectural Control Committee is required for any additions, modifications, remodeling, or new construction.
  6. Dogs are to be leashed and required to be restrained at all times.
  7. No activity shall be conducted on a lot that creates a nuisance.
  8. Each lot is subject to an annual maintenance fee established by the C.C.I.A.

Leased Homes Information

If you lease your home, you are required to provide the CCIA with your contact information and your renter's contact information. The Leased Home Notice is provided here for your convenience. For questions, please contact our Deed Restrictions Director.

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