Committees Contact Information & Descriptions

Newsletter Editor - Morgan Gottsponer newsletter@championscommunity.org
Champions Women's Club - President ChampionsWomensClub@yahoo.com
Champions Mom's Group momsgroup@championscommunity.org
Architectural Control Committees - Various See Newsletter or Directory
Deed Restrictions Committees - Karen Dennison deedrestrictions@championscommunity.org
Block Captains - Various See Newsletter or Directory
Beautification Committee - Harry Brendgen beautification@championscommunity.org
Directory Coordinator - Paulette Shatara directory@championscommunity.org



  • Beautification Committee
  • Block Captains
  • Architectural Control Committee
  • Deed Restrictions Enforcement Committee
The Beautification Committee is tasked with projects to beautify and improve our neighborhood. They provide assistance to the Beautification Director in the choice of plants in the flowerbeds throughout the neighborhood and in responding to resident concerns, ideas and opinions.

For questions regarding the committee, please contact the Beautification Director.
Champions Community communications, such as the security notices, are disseminated through our Block Captains. Most Block Captains have set up an email distribution list for their neighbors to forward applicable information to them. The Block Captains also deliver the welcome packets to our new neighbors and coordinate Block Parties. Residents, please send your contact information to your Block Captain so you can stay up-to-date with neighborhood news!

If you can serve as a Block Captain for your street, please call our Membership & Activities Director who is also our Block Captain Coordinator. Block Captain contact information can be obtained from the newsletter or the directory.

There are six Architectural Control Committees (ACC), one for each section: North, South, East, West, Northwest and Champions Way.  The ACC is responsible for reviewing, granting or withholding approval of construction plans and specifications on all new construction and on all exterior modifications to existing homes within the subdivision.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • New construction
  • Remodeling and/or additions
  • Re-roofing, repainting, replacing siding, doors and/or window
  • Changing color schemes
  • Replacing driveways, sidewalks, fences
  • Installing fences, gates, mailboxes, play equipment, satellite disc and similar work

No project can start without approval from the ACC.  The Committee is also responsible for maintaining and enforcing compliance with respect to quality of materials and harmony of design and monitoring alterations with respect to topography and finished grade elevation.  The ACC consults with the ACC Director and Deed Restrictions Director on necessary issues. 

The ACC Director is the Architectural Control Committee’s Board Member liaison.  For a listing of the ACC members, please refer to a monthly newsletter and/or the directory.

The Deed Restrictions Enforcement Committee has members assigned to each section of Champions. They drive throughout the neighborhood to ensure residents are in compliance with the Deed Restrictions and if not, notices are hand-delivered via red envelopes. If you are interested in joining the committee, contact our Deed Restrictions Director.

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