CCIA & Board of Directors

The Champions Community Improvement Association (CCIA) is the name of the Champion’s subdivision’s Homeowner’s Association. It is a non-profit entity which has a Board comprised of ten members, each holding three year terms.  If interested in being on the Board, contact the CCIA President or on one of the Board of Directors' committees, contact the applicable board member.


Board of Directors 

President - Kelli Adams president@championscommunity.org
Secretary - open secretary@championscommunity.org
Treasurer - open treasurer@championscommunity.org
Security - Al Brooks security@championscommunity.org
Intercommunity Relations  intercommunity@championscommunity.org
Deed Restrictions - Karen Dennison deedrestrictions@championscommunity.org
Beautification - Harry Brendgen beautification@championscommunity.org
Maintenance - Stan Winter maintenance@championscommunity.org
Membership/Activities - Paulette Sharata membership@championscommunity.org
ACC - Mark Lindsey acc@championscommunity.org


CCIA Board Meetings and Annual Meeting

The CCIA monthly Board Meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at John Wesley United Methodist Church.  The only exception is the July meeting, since it usually conflicts with the July 4th holiday week, the meeting is moved to the 2nd Tuesday of the month. 

The Annual Meeting is held on the 3rd Tuesday of March at 7 pm at John Wesley United Methodist church; unless it falls during the CFISD’s spring break, then the date of the meeting will be rescheduled.  

For Board Meeting Minutes, see the Documents page on this website.

Board of Directors


The responsibilities of the President include:

  • Chair the monthly, special and annual meetings of the Association.
  • Ensure that all Board actions and activities adhere to the CCIA By-Laws and the CCIA Deed Restrictions, and are in the best interest of a majority of the Champions residents.
  • Monitor activities of all Board members to insure that critical services and activities are being performed in the best interest of Champions.
  • Review proposed actions by Board members to determine if review and approval by the full Board is necessary or appropriate.
  • Review, sign and forward all contracts to the Secretary for filing.
  • Receive calls to the CCIA telephone, and either respond in person or forward calls to the appropriate Board Member.
  • Be the sounding board for Board members who are in the process of making important decisions or taking important actions.
  • Assist Board members who are involved in especially time-consuming or critical activities.
  • Serve as backup for Board members who are unavailable at critical decision making times.



The responsibilities of the Secretary include:

  • Keep the minutes of all Board meetings, distribute the minutes to the Board members, obtain approval of minutes, and maintain the minutes (digital and back-up). 
  • Schedule the Board meetings at John Wesley United Methodist Church, notify Board members of schedule and the newsletter editor for publication in the Champions Community Bulletin.

  • Sign with the President or Vice President in the name of the Association all contracts, conveyances, transfers, assignments, authorizations, and other instruments of the CCIA. 

  • Maintain permanent files on all contracts, litigation documents, deed restrictions, by-laws, Board Members Responsibilities and Procedures, etc. on behalf of the CCIA.

  • Prepare new Board Member Packets when new Board Members are elected.

  • Maintain Board Member’s contact information, distribute to Board as needed and when changes are made, also forward applicable information to the newsletter editor for publication in the Champions Community Bulletin and to the Membership and Activities Director for the Directory.

  • Act as the Board Member liaison to the Champions Community Bulletin Newsletter Editor



The responsibilities of the Treasurer include:

  • Works closely with the CCIA CPA.  Note:  The CPA has custody of the funds of the CCIA, performs all accounting functions, and sends out the annual maintenance fee invoices. 
  • Obtains all receipts for reimbursements for neighborhood events, reviews, approves, and forwards to the CPA for payment.

  • Creates the annual CCIA Budget, presents to the Board for approval, and for publication in the Champions Community Bulletin newsletter.

  • Reports to the Board at the monthly meeting, the CCIA’s current financial situation.

  • Researches avenues for investing the CCIA’s money and gives advice on money management.



The responsibilities of the Director of Security include:

  • Act as the Board Member liaison to the Sheriff’s Department (Command Staff and Deputies) for all Operational and Contract Issues Management.

  • Disseminates “Non-emergency” and “Emergency” Information (Security Advisories and Security Alerts) as needed using CCIA Block Captain email system.

  • Report security issues as necessary to the Board and at the monthly Board Meetings.  Note:  A Sheriff’s Deputy usually attends the Board Meetings and gives a security report.

  • Provide a Monthly Summary of Security Activities and Statistics for Newsletter, Website and Block Captain Publication.

  • Act as the Crime Watch Prevention Coordinator. 


Intercommunity Relations 

The responsibilities of the Intercommunity Relations Director include:

  • Maintain the CCIA website.

  • Inform the Board of activities within the wider community affecting residents of Champions.  This includes but is not limited to interfacing with the Champions Area Volunteer Fire Department, other neighborhood Boards, and other Northwest Harris County organizations.

  • Act as the Board Member liaison to our Water Board, periodically attend their Board Meetings and report ongoing activities to our Board.


Deed Restrictions 

The responsibilities of the Director of Deed Restrictions include:

  • Make deed restriction information available to all residents and take the necessary action to resolve any deed restriction violations.

  • Maintain applicable documents in reference to noted deed restriction violations.

  • Communicate and coordinate with CCIA attorneys concerning letters to residents about “Failure to abide by Champions Deed Restrictions“ and legal notifications concerning “Forced Maintenance” of properties.

  • Oversee the Deed Restrictions Committee. 

  • Act as the Board Member liaison to the Architectural Control Committees.

  • Oversee the leased homes notification process.



The responsibilities of the Director of Beautification include:

  • Determine and document what neighborhood areas need to be worked on (ie: landscaping, entrance signs, holiday decorating), obtain bids for work, and submit for approval. 

  • Coordinate/oversee all landscaping work.

  • Create annual budget for beautification projects and submit for approval.

  • Obtain holiday decorations and coordinate dates for decorations to be displayed and taken down.

  • Work closely with the Maintenance Director on landscaping maintenance. 

  • Oversee the Beautification Committee’s projects.



The responsibilities of the Director of Maintenance include:

  • Determine what neighborhood areas need maintenance, obtain bids for work, and submit to Board for approval. 

  • Act as the Board Member liaison to our contracted trash vendor, recycling vendor, mosquito control vendor and energy provider.  Monitor services and negotiate contracts. 

  • Act as the Board Member liaison to our contracted landscaping maintenance crew (for common grounds areas: mowing, weeding, fertilizing, sprinkler repair, etc.), monitor service, and negotiate contract, as needed.

  • Work closely with the Beautification Director on landscaping maintenance.

  • Create annual budget for maintenance projects and submit for approval.



The responsibilities of the Director of Membership and Activities include:

  • Serve as Block Captain Coordinator for the purpose of individual contact and communications to all Champions residents.  Organizes annual Block Captain meeting.

  • Distribute Champions Community Identification Stickers to residents, as needed.

  • Act as Board Member liaison for Directory Coordinator who maintains up-to-date records of Champions residents and directory information for the CCIA Directory. Coordinates distribution of updated directory on an annual basis.

  • Act as Board Member liaison for the New Neighbor Welcome Coordinator who produces, maintains, and delivers the New Resident Packets to the applicable Block Captain for delivery to new residents.


Architectural Control Committee (ACC) 

The responsibilities of the Director of ACC include:

  • Oversee and coordinates with the Architectural Control Committees for Champions North, South, East, West, Northwest and Champions Way.
  • Establishes policies and procedures for the ACC.
  • Reports on ACC activities.
  • Works closely with the Deed Restrictions Director to ensure the ACC's guidelines are in compliance with the governing document.

Champions Community Improvement Association

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