Annual Maintenance Fee

What is covered in our annual maintenance fee?

The property owner's maintenance fee is an annual assessment each property owner is required to pay and is administered by the Champions Community Improvement Association (CCIA). This fee is used for the benefit of all property owners and provides for security, trash pick-up, mosquito control, utilities for street lights and common grounds sprinklers, ongoing maintenance, beautification, special events, accounting fees, legal fees, and administrative expenses.  The annual maintenance fee is $880.  For a comparison of HOA dues for surrounding neighborhoods, on our Documents page, see the HOA Comparisons document.

How do I receive my invoice?

Via email or regular mail.


The CCIA is looking at every way to save our homeowners money. One way is to eliminate the use of paper, thereby eliminating the cost of processing the paper for invoicing and postage costs. If you would like to have your maintenance fee invoices e-mailed to you rather than sent by the US postal service, please e-mail to cciahoa@championscommunity.org the following information:

  • Homeowner Name
  • Property Address
  • Mailing Address: If different from property address
  • Home Phone Number
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Work Phone Number

Please note it is your responsibility to notify us of any change to your e-mail address once CCIA discontinues your paper billing.


Our CCIA accountant mails the invoice to your “bill to” address on record.  If you receive your mail at an address other than the property of record, please forward the mailing address to cciahoa@championscommunity.org or call 281-397-2200.

When will I receive my invoice?

Each December, an invoice for the next year's maintenance fees is sent out to each property owner. That invoice offers the property owner the option to pay the entire amount by January 1st or to pay only half the amount of the invoice by January 1st and the remainder before July 1st. If only half the annual fees are paid by January 1st, then the remaining half is invoiced to the property owner in June and is due July 1st. Please note, if the property owner does not receive the invoice before the payment due date, payment must still be made by the due date.

How do I pay my annual maintenance fee?

By mailing a check or by using our online payment system on the CCIA website.


The mailing address for maintenance fees is: 5315-B Cypress Creek Pkwy #185  Houston, Texas 77069


Via the CCIA website, click on Dues icon and follow the instructions.  Please note a service fee will be added. If you have trouble logging into the on-line payment site, contact us at cciahoa@championscommunity.org.

What happens if the annual maintenance fee is not paid by the due date?

After the January 1st and July 1st due dates, the property owner's payment is past due. However, for each payment, the CCIA allows a grace period of 30 days. That is, the payment due by January 1st must be postmarked on or before January 31st to avoid a late payment charge. If half of the annual dues are paid in January, then the July payment due by July 1st, must be postmarked on or before July 31st to avoid a late charge. 

If payment is not received before the grace period expires, the CCIA will send out a late notice and will charge a $30 late fee since the payment is one month past due. Late notices are sent out on February 1st and August 1st. For each month after the grace period that the payment is late, there is an additional late charge of $20 per month until the full amount of the property owner's fees is paid. All payments received by the CCIA, regardless of the amount paid, will be directed first to late charges, interest and cost of collection unless otherwise specified by written agreement. This schedule of fees will be updated annually.

If the property owner's payment is 60 days past due, the CCIA will send the property owner a letter that offers the property owner 30 days to pay all past due amounts or the request a hearing. If a hearing is not requested or full payment is not made in the 30-day period, the CCIA will suspend the property owner's trash service. Trash service will be reinstated when the CCIA receives payment in full for all past due amounts. Additionally, should the past due amount continue unpaid, the property owner will be unable to complete the sale of their home until the past due amount is paid in full.

All payments received by the CCIA, regardless of the amount paid, will be directed first to late charges, interest and cost of collection, unless otherwise specified by written agreement.  This schedule of fees will be updated annually.

Note: CCIA maintains no physical office space. All fees must be mailed or paid online via the CCIA website. CCIA will charge a $25 fee for non-sufficient funds checks. If you have any questions, please call our CCIA Treasurer. 

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